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Whats Next for January 2020?

Two volumes covering the Southern Electrics from 1948 to 1972 (last running of the Brighton Belle). Each 160 page volume will be using what we believe are pretty much all new black and white views, generally one picture to the page in the same format as our STEAM'S LAMENT series.

Volume 1 covers the pre-war built stock, 2-NOL, 2-BIL, 2-HAL, 4-LAV, 2-SL, 2-WIM, 4-SUB, 6-PAN, 6-PUL, 5-BEL, 4-COR, 4-BUF, and the early departmental units.

Volume 2 covers the post-war builds and locomotives, 4-SUB, 2-HAL, 4-DD, 4-EPB, 2-EPB, 2-HAP, 4-CEP, 4-BEP, 4-CIG, 4-BIG, 4-VEP, 4-REP, 3-TC, 4-TC, 8-VAB, MLV, 7-TC, 6-TC, VECTIS, WATERLOO & CITY, CLASSES 70, 71, 73 & 74.

Each 160 page volume will be limited to 500 copies and priced at £34.95.

Target release date will be 1 January 2020

Further details and advance orders accepted from 1 December 2019.