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Sales into European Union countries suspended from 21st June 2021

This does not affect any UK sales.

Regrettably one of the issues from Brexit is something called IOSS which the EU has instigated. This means all items being sent into the EU must have individual VAT declarations made and the suppliers of these goods are to register and comply with the relevant rules and collect and report VAT from you the customers. This takes place from 1 July and will impose larger than acceptable administration costs to many smaller businesses. Failure to comply with these new rulings from the EU will mean the goods will be held at the customer's EU country's customs point until the EU based customer settles all the VAT paperwork and any relevant charges themselves within that EU country.

How many customers will put up with this and comply we wonder?

Which means the goods which will be on hold in customs will be destroyed after 30 days if no payments are made and a claim would be made by the customer back to the supplier for a refund as a result. Even as a supplier of zero VAT rated items such as books we would still be caught up in this administration chaos being imposed by the EU and have been forced with a heavy heart to take the decision to opt out from all direct sales into the European Union until this situation clears up. We hope in the future we may be able to resume selling to the EU.

The last date for orders to EU countries will therefore be 21st June 2021.


Overseas sales to countries outside of the EU such as the USA, Australia & New Zealand are unaffected.

Kevin Derrick
Strathwood Publishing